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Exhibition & Sale at CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO,” OSAKA

Our embroidery accessories and frames are now available at CLASKA
Gallery & Shop “DO” in Osaka.
(The closing date of the exhibition has not been determined. Please
note that three-dimensional works will not be exhibited or sold.)

Earrings, ear cuffs, and bracelets are available in the store.
For those who appreciate handicrafts, embroidery frames are also in store.
We invite you to seize this opportunity to see them in person.
We hope they will enhance your crafting experience, bringing peace
and enjoyment.

The staff members at CLASKA are really amazing—I had such a great time
when I visited them the other day and stayed really long.
Please come visit them at their store!

Link: CLASKA Gallery & Shop “DO” 


Whether as a gift for your loved ones
Or as a reward for your hard work,
We hope you will take pleasure in viewing our works.
When you find yourself in Osaka, please make a stop.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.